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Assonautica Imperia prepares the organization of the event


The regatta is organized by Yacht Club Imperia with the technical support of Circolo Nautico al Mare Alassio and Club del Mare Diano Marina.


FREE MOORING between August 31st and September 8th
Thursday September 05th: arrivals, registration and inspections. Secretariats will open at 15.00 p.m.
Friday September 06 th: Race – 1st warning signal at 12.00 a.m.
Saturday September 07th: Race
Sunday September 08th: Parade, Race and prize giving ceremony

The schedule time for the first warning signal for following days will be posted within 7:30 pm of the previous day; in case of no notice being posted, the same time as the previous day will be confirmed. The Race Committee may modify the program for bad weather or for any other circumstances.


3.1 The yachts that come under the regulations of “Classic Yachts” and “Vintage Yachts”, as per CIM rules, i.e.:
– yacht in wood or metal built before 1950 – category Vintage
– yacht in wood or metal built before 1976 – category Classic
3.2 yacht “Replica” as per CIM rules
3.3 The yachts that come under category “Spirit of Tradition”, as per IRC rules, with LOA minimum 10 meters, as per agreement of the organizing authority
3.4 Yacht of the IOR Class with LOA minimum 10 meters as per rules IRC, by agreement of the Organizer Committee. Will belong to this class the boat with a past IOR certificate, now in possession of a valid IRC certificate (or IRC simplified). The boat of this class not in possession of a valid IRC certificate as above will be able to enter in this class by a “Certificate of Rating FIV”, valid just for this race, which will be issued directly by the race office at the moment of the registration. For to get such “Certificate of Rating FIV” they will have to declare: The sail number / The Producer / The type / The year of production / The displacement / The Max Beam (m.) / The LOA (m.) / The sail surface upwind (mq.) / The use of Spinnaker or Gennaker / The presence of a outboard engine / The presence of a fixed propeller / The presence of a folder propeller / The presence of a carbon mast. If the boat with the “Certificate of Rating FIV” will be a minimum of 5, for they will be issued a separate classification.
3.5 The yachts that come under the category Big Boats
3.6 In case of large participation, the organization may individuate specific classes of one design


4.1 As decided by the Organizational Committee, entry forms shall be completed and sent, as for following dates, to: Assonautica Imperia c/o Camera di Commercio, Via T. Schiva 29 – 18100 Imperia, filling the entry form on line on the web site: www.veledepoca.com.
Tel. +39 0183 752700
Email: segreteria@assonautica-im.it Website: www.veledepoca.com

4.2 by August 10th, 2019 the entry form must be completed by:
– the appropriate entry fee
– rating certificate
– limited to the first time entries, by a picture of the yacht and by a short history.

4.3 by September 05th  2019  the entry forms must be completed by the following documents:
– crew list:
– for Italian participants the crew list must be completed by a copy of FIV card 2019 and a valid medical examination
– for foreign participants the crew list needs to be in compliance with their national sailing authority
– rating certificate (or its copy)
– Sail Declaration form for sails used during the races;
– insurance certificate (or a substitute declaration released by the insurance company) where it must be stated that the insurance coverage is also extended during sailing competitions, that the civil liability coverage is not lower than 1.500.000,00 euro and that, due to the premium payment, the insurance is valid for the whole racing period.

4.4 Entry fees:

Entry fees:

Length Before july 30th 2018 From august 1th 2018
less than 15 m 400,00 euro 500,00 euro
less than 23 m 500,00 euro 600,00 euro
less than 30 m 700,00 euro 800,00 euro
over 30 m 1.000,00 euro 1.200,00 euro

Payment by bank transfer: Bank: Banca Carige
IBAN: IT93 K 061 7510 5000 0000 1100 380   BIC: CRGEITGG300
Beneficiary: Assonautica Imperia, Via Tommaso Schiva 29, 18100 Imperia, Italy
Reason for payment: entry for Vele d’Epoca Imperia 2019 (specifying the name of the yacht).
Payment options also include making a bank check out to Assonautica Imperia or by PayPal

Pay now by Credit Card with PayPal


5.1 The races will be governed by:
The Rules as defined by World Sailing Rules 2017-2020 RRS, included Italian Sailing Federation prescription WS approved – see: http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/20172020ITAPrescriptions-[22391].pdf
5.2 For the Italian competitors the “Normativa” FIV will apply
5.3 In case of a conflict of interpretation the English language will prevail.
5.4 The communications to the competitors in addition to being posted in the Official Notice Board will be also duplicate in the web site: www.racingrulesofsailing.org. Such web site will be able also to be utilized for the relationship with the Race Committee and with the Jury. Please to see the Sailing Instructions.


Any kind of advertising is forbidden (Regulation 20 World Sailing) and the limitations are extended to the whole duration of the event. The yachts must show the official logos of the event which will be given during the registration to the Vele d’Epoca.


Courses will be specified in the Sailing Instructions.


Sailing Instructions will be available at the Race Office during the day of registration starting from 3 p.m. of September, 5th prior to the perfecting of the inscription.


9.1 Scoring System will be the Low Point as per RRS appendix “A”.  The maximum number of races will be 3.
Regatta will be valid with 1 race completed.
When 3 races will be completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of its races scores excluding the worst score; when less than 3 races are completed, a  boat’s series score will be the total of its races scores.
9.2 The first three places in each class will be awarded. Trophy “Elegancy” will be assigned to the best boat in the parade. Other prizes established by OA will be delivered.
The Final Prize Giving Ceremony will be held on Sunday 8th  September 2019, after the  race, as per notice of the OA.


The incoming yachts will have to communicate the arrival and departure date by e-mail to: segreteria@assonautica-im.it
Arriving please contact: Go Imperia, +39 0183 62679,  email: reception@goimperia.it,   VHF Channel 9.


11.1 All the participants, the owners and their guests grant free and complete permission to the Organising Authority for every video and photo shot of boats and people that are made during the course of the championship and that it can be published or broadcasted to press or any means of information and communication, including television, whether advertising or press release or information.
11.2 The organizing authority, the Race Committee, the Jury and any other parts involved in the organization, will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.


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